Self love is very important

Love Yourself

1 Corinthians 13 is known as the love chapter. When we think of this chapter and its virtues, we often think of how it can be used with our relationships with others.

But its also about using it as a guide for your most important relationship – the one with yourself!!! That’s right. We’re talking about self love.

Self-love or self-compassion is so important. It is how we show love, understanding, and acceptance to ourselves. Having more self-compassion builds resilience in the face of adversity, helps us to recover more quickly from trauma or romantic separation. It can also help us to better cope with failure or embarrassment.

A lot of studies have shown that self-love is the key to mental wellbeing and it keeps depression and anxiety at bay.

A lot of times, we are our biggest critics. We can be too hard on ourselves without realizing how mean we can be to ourselves.

Self-love is not being selfish. Its about putting yourself first. Its about not being so tough on yourself. You don’t need to be perfect to love yourself.

An increase in self-love and self-compassion can help you:

  1. Accept your failures and not punish yourself excessively for them
  2. Acquire a sense of responsibility for our lives
  3. Acquire life satisfaction
  4. Attract the right kind of relationships and reject the wrong ones
  5. Avoid people who mistreating you or hurting you
  6. Avoid the negativity that pulls you down
  7. Be mindful of how you spend your money
  8. Become comfortable being alone and in turn get rid of the loneliness
  9. Become more confident
  10. Become self-aware
  11. Deal with adversity
  12. Decreased stress
  13. Develop a healthy lifestyle
  14. Develop a positive outlook on life
  15. Develop an inner sense of security
  16. Develop healthy self-esteem
  17. Develop your life purpose and goals
  18. Enable independence, and being happy on your own
  19. Enable you to be more genuinely loving towards others and to be of greater service to the world at large
  20. Escape other people’s dogma and their expectations of who you must be
  21. Experience more health and vitality
  22. Gain a boost in attractiveness
  23. Get the confidence to be who you want to be
  24. Give you higher level of satisfaction
  25. Have a positive impact on your professional life you accept and you admire more
  26. Have better physical and mental health
  27. Have greater happiness
  28. Have healthier relationships
  29. Have increased motivation
  30. Have more clarity and insight
  31. Have more compassion for yourself and others
  32. Have more confidence
  33. Have more energy
  34. Have more support
  35. Have success at your work place
  36. Help you accept disagreements
  37. Help you love others better
  38. Improve your health and personal growth
  39. Improve your self-awareness
  40. Improve your self-care and self-management
  41. Increase productivity
  42. Increase strength
  43. Increase your self-acceptance and self-appreciation
  44. Let go of the habit of comparing ourselves to others
  45. Love others in the same measure
  46. Not stay in situations that will hurt you
  47. Prepare healthier meals for ourselves in order to have a healthy body
  48. Provide you with an inner happiness
  49. Radiate confidence and happiness
  50. Reduce stress and anxiety
  51. Reduce the desire to feel like we have to impress anyone to make them notice us
  52. Rejoice in other people’s good fortune
  53. Say no without feeling guilty
  54. See that there is a place and space for everyone in this world
  55. Set a standard for others to follow
  56. Show the world who we really are and what special talents we have to offer
  57. Start growth
  58. Stop depriving ourselves of things we deserve
  59. Stop harming our bodies physically
  60. Stronger resilience
  61. Take care of your appearance by grooming yourself properly
  62. Take care of yourself in every sense
  63. Take more risks and have bigger rewards
  64. Truly love another
  65. Trust yourself

Recognize the value of loving yourself. Love is patient. Love is kind. Practice those virtues with yourself every day.

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