Faith Hope Love Sunflowers Sublimation Transfer Ready To Press


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ATTENTION Please Read Entire Description Read Purchase… This Is A Transfer Not A Digital Download. I Do Not Sell Digital Downloads. Must be used on polyester shirts of at least 50% or higher. This type of transfer will not work on cotton. Cricut easy press will not work to transfer the image. You need a clam style heat press capable of producing an even medium to heavy pressure throughout the transfer area & a consistent temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A regular household iron will not work either. If you have questions about what heat press will work, please reach out with any questions before you purchase. Ready to press Sublimation transfer. This is only a print. You will not receive any object other than a transfer page. You will need a heat press to transfer the item yourself onto your substrate. Iron will not work. Detailed instructions & notes will be sent with item. All size options are an approximate guess. I will do my best to size them to size selected but may have to go a little bigger or smaller to prevent image distortion. By purchasing the transfers, you are agreeing that you have some knowledge of the sublimation process. The included instructions are based around shirts. If using transfers for tumblers, mugs, signs or anything other than shirts please refer to manufactures instructions for transferring onto that substrate. Item is reversed during printing process so it will be accurate after transfer. Item will also look dull on the paper & will be bright & vivid after pressing. It is recommended to use print on 100% polyester or appropriate sublimation blank. The lower the polyester count the more faded the design will look after pressed. Do not try to apply on substrate that is less than 50% polyester. Also best used on white substrates. There is no white printed so any colors under the design will show through the design. Example… You transfer design onto grey shirt. Any white writing or parts of the design will not be white they will be grey. & all other colors will be darker. If you would like you may apply design to colored shirt of at least 50% polyester count, then acid wash over the design with bleach. Bleach will not fade the design. Please do your research before acid washing. I am not responsible for color distortion due to application of any process you do the substrate before or after application, nor am I responsible for the image not taking due to not using the appropriate 50% polyester or higher. All watermarks will be removed before printing. Please check out my shop for other available designs. Feel free to message about price & shipping options on bulk orders. Thank you for considering my items. Faith Hope Love Sunflowers Sublimation Transfer Ready To Press

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