Two Saddlers in Love Statue Home Decor Art


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Love is quiet, love is kind. Love likes to be kept secret so that it can grow! This is a beautiful sculpture decor portraying the intimacy of two people being deeply in love. Nature & their horses are the only witnesses of their expanding feelings. This Two Saddlers in Love Statue will make unique home decor. Love in all its purity. Surprise your loved one by gifting this unique sculpture art & prove that your feelings are as unique & genuine as this positively charged sculpture. This sculpture art makes a great anniversary gift, wedding gift, or Valentine’s Day gift. This sculpture displays two saddlers leaning towards each other in anticipation of a kiss while sitting on the back of their own horse. Unity, closeness, connection, & eternity where time doesn’t exist. You will absolutely love these beautifully crafted figurines expressing so much love & positivity. Display this loving couple’s statue in your living room, bedroom, office, or foyer, it will get attention like no other decor in your house! Dimensions: H 12.75 X W 14 X D 3 Inches Weight: 4 lbs Material: Cold Cast Bronze Two Saddlers in Love Statue Home Decor Art

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