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Hope: Needed now

Hope needed in the United States

The United States is experiencing angst during these unprecedented times. Clashing political points-of-view, different perspectives and interpretations on the events unfolding in Washington and across the country is fraying relationships with our families, friends and communities. Our mental bandwidth gets consumed more with each new development.

Most likely, you have a position. You have a good sense of where you stand on the topics. You know who probably will agree with you and who won’t.

These tensions are nothing new to mankind. People have been disagreeing and fighting for centuries around the world over similar themes seen in the United States today. As time passes, these storm clouds fade away.

At 1 13 4ever, we go to 1 Corinthians 13 for inspiration. Today, we are focusing on the phrase, “Love always hopes.” We understand the division, but more importantly we recognize the importance of love and hope. Love always hopes.

We have love for those who agree with us and those who don’t see eye-to-eye with us. We also know God’s love for us is unbound. Its unconditional. The United States needs to channel that unbound and unconditional love. Where are you? Are focusing more on hate or are you searching for love?

We hope the United States takes a step back from the fray and takes an inward look to find the love it has and make that love the focus.

Love always hopes.

We hope we find the peace needed to heal and move forward.

We hope.