Love never fails

Love never fails

The power of love

Love is the bedrock of the relationships with ourselves and others. Its strength is undeniable.

“Love never fails” is a profound declaration. “Love never fails” is a guarantee that just sounds too good to be true. We’ve all been in or seen relationships that we thought were structurally sound and built for long-term success, but sometimes they don’t make it. Did love fail?

There are different ways to interpret this. From a spiritual perspective, one can look at this as though God’s love for us will never fail. His love for us is unconditional despite our sins, fears, shortcomings, failures and mistakes.
Ok – that’s great. But what about relationships with people? Why do they end if love never fails?

There are so many factors that come into play for a relationships’ demise, but we believe a critical factor for success in a relationship is unconditional love.

Unconditional love is affection with no strings attached. There are no limitations, or conditions. It is affection which has no boundaries and is unchanging.

We view love as a verb. It an action. Unconditional love is love you give freely. It’s a selfless act. It involves acceptance and forgiveness. It requires unconditional acceptance. It’s the continual active choice to love someone through thick and thin; through the good times and bad; through the times of good and struggle.

It means loving with no expectation of reward for yourself. Love someone unconditionally and your love will never fail.

Let us be clear here:

Unconditional love is not a justifiable excuse to stay in an unhealthy relationship. You need healthy boundaries in all relationships. Unconditional love does not mean that you love your partner regardless of how they treat you.

If you are in a relationship where another constantly violates your boundaries, they do not love you unconditionally. Love cannot be contingent on one’s belief that they can treat you how they want, without regard to your feelings. In these situations, love isn’t failing. Unconditional love is not present. For love to be fully present, it must be unconditional.

Unconditional love begins with self-love

Have you heard of “First Love Yourself”? Its also goes by “FLY”. It is such an important acronym. Make it your mantra. You must have unconditional love with yourself first. Self love makes you a better partner. It is you know you’re worthy of love and see value in yourself, self-respect and confidence builds within you and you won’t be dependent on your partner for your sense of self-worth.

Self-love is the source for your inner strength.
Where are you in your self love journey? Self love is yours. Step into it. Trust this energy. Trust this force. Self-love can help give you the capability to give unconditional love to others.

The strength of love

  1. Love unconditionally
  2. No strings attached
  3. Respect the boundaries

Love never fails

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