Love is not proud

Love is not proud

When we think of proud, we think of the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition’s (AMPC) interpretation: “Love is not conceited”.

Self-confidence and self-love are incredibly important skills to master. These traits play a key role in happiness, but just like anything in life – too much of a good thing can be bad.

The definition of conceited is “excessively proud of oneself; vain”. A conceited person has or gives an exaggerated sense of their importance or abilities.  They perceive themselves as incredibly entertaining and wonderful. They usually disregard differing opinions or points of view.

What causes people to be conceited? A lot of times it boils down to insecurity. The conceited person can’t deal with the fact that they are insecure or feel bad about themselves, so they build themselves up to hide their real feelings.

Pride can be good, but too much of it can make a relationship inflexible and brittle.

The opposite traits of conceited: humble, modest, unarrogant, unpretentious.

Some quick ways to steer clear of being conceited:

  • Admit when you’re wrong
  • Learn to laugh at yourself
  • Treat yourself and loved ones with kindness
  • Stop worrying about being right
  • Ask others for help
  • Respect other people, regardless of their perspective or position

Focus on love and how you give love to yourself and others.

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