Love always protects

Love always protects

We don’t need another hero

There’s a common theme in romantic movies. The hero steps in and saves the love interest at the peak of the big scene and they then live happily ever after. We are drawn to acts of chivalry.

When Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 13, he was not trying to write the screenplay for a movie or have the next big Harlequin romance novel. He was trying to lay down guidelines for a group to have better relationships with each other.

“Love always protects” is not meant to portrayed as a big Hollywood scene where you are the hero saving your relationship. It means to eliminate exposing, neglecting, harming or attacking those you love. It means to keep those close to you safe from harm.

We will be hurt and we will wound those close to us

Relationships are complex and dynamic. There are a lot of moving parts. A lot of different situations that can be interpreted differently. There are a lot of factors outside of our control. There will be moments where loved ones will hurt us and there will be moments where we hurt those close to us.

If there a pattern of failed protection, either for those who love you or those you love, you should take inventory of where the hurt is happening. Identify the situations and triggers. If you are causing the hurt, make the appropriate changes so you can switch from hurting to protecting. If you are being hurt, you need to identify how you can confront the situation or find help to get the protection you need.

“Self-Love always protects”

Its not just about our relationships with others. Self love requires you protect yourself from those mean thoughts that ruminate through your mind. You would protect your best friend, right? What if you were your best friend? Does a good friend punish you with ongoing criticism?  No. 

A true friend accepts both the good and bad in you without criticizing.  A true friend knows that no one is perfect.

A true friend is supportive and comforting when you are down. Be your own best friend. Love yourself unconditionally. Protect yourself with self love.

How are you living “Love always protects”?

Its a challenging topic and can has multiple interpretations. At 1 13 4ever, we view “Love always protects” as keeping our relationships free of drama and hurt. The big action movie scenes are not usually in our lives, but we feel like stars when we know we are in health relationships.

Start looking at how you are protecting (or not protecting) your relationships.

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