Love always perseveres

Love always perseveres

Love “always perseveres” or “endures all things”. There is a persistence to love, even in the tough times. It does not give up.

Love is the mental toughness to keep going when times get tough. In other words, love is grit. Grit is passion and perseverance for long term and meaningful goals. 

You need to ask yourself, what are your love goals? What are your relationship goals? What are you fighting for?

This also applies to the relationship with yourself. Self-love requires you strengthen your grit. It requires you to define the relationship goals with yourself? What are you fighting for with yourself?

Love always perseveres when you have a clear understanding where you are heading with your relationship(s). Get on the same page as your loved one and you can weather any storm. If you are reading from two different maps, you could be heading in different directions.

It requires communication, dedication, patience, understanding and faith. Put these together and love will always persevere.