Love rejoices with the truth

Love rejoices with the truth

Sometimes the truth hurts

Something was said or done that hurt another. A decision impacted someone negatively. Those are facts and should be acknowledged. We must work to understand what an interpretation is and what the truth is as well as recognize the grey area in between.

Relationships that have a clear understanding of what is truth and what is noise can face the challenging times with better vision. They can separate fact from perceptions.

Its not always clear. There are topics and situations that cannot be defined as truth or non-truth. But relationships that gravitate towards the truth have less made-up distractions. They operate more efficiently and can work towards building a successful relationship.

Self-love focuses on the truth: Truth is you are an amazing person

Question for you about the self-talk that continually occupies your thoughts: Have you asked yourself how much that voice lies?

These lies are misbeliefs. A misbelief is a negative thought that appears as truth. We often constantly repeat these negative and harmful thoughts to ourselves. Our misbeliefs create mental prisons and prevent us from experiencing peace, freedom and happiness.

If our self-talk is not accurate, our perspectives are skewed, limiting our behavior, progress and opportunities.

It is our choice to say truthful things about ourselves. Telling yourself the truth involves removing the negative self-talk and misbeliefs by flipping them.  Replace negative misbeliefs with positive truths.

Self-love is about talking to yourself like a best friend. Would you tell your best friend a bunch of negative lies? You wouldn’t because that would hurt your best friend.

Be a good best friend up by telling them the truth of what a good person they are. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is always supportive.

Love rejoices with the truth

Whether with a loved one or yourself, make sure you know what the categories are where truth can be clearly defined and where it can’t.  Recognize the interpretations and celebrate the truth.

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