Love does not delight in evil

Love does not delight in evil

This virtue comes in different forms. Its also read as “Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing” English Standard Version (ESV).

Focusing on bad things is an easy thing to do. It’s easy to think often of our problems and our pain. Sometimes it can be impossible just to focus on the good things in life.

Humans have a propensity to give more weight to things that go wrong than to things that go right. Focusing on the bad is part of our culture. We are drawn to the news when it really should be called “bad news”.

Negative thoughts can run through our mind like a forest fire. These thoughts, if given the spotlight, can compromise our relationships, job, health, and happiness.

But what if we tried to flip the script? What if we rejoiced more at the good and not the wrongdoing?

Focusing on the good more than the wrong in our lives can be challenging at first. With a decision to switch our focus and some patience and practice, we can shift the focus from bad to better and good.

Step out of the dark and into the light. Let love grow. If we can look at the good, even in the smallest things – we can dramatically change the way we perceive ourselves and our environment.

Start small. What if you just start with what you are grateful for right now in this moment?  

It takes some initial effort but once you get into a routine of focusing on the good, it can help make you happier, give you momentum and just might give you a more accurate view of things in your life and your relationships.

Love does not delight in evil. Find the good. Its there in yourself and your relationships.

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