Faith Hope Love Inspiration Necklace – “Faith Hope Love” With An Accent Bead in Your Choice Of Colors – Jenn’s Handmade Jewelry


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Who couldn’t use a little extra inspiration in their lives? This approximately 3/4 inch pendant says, “faith hope love”. 1 accent bead in your choice of colors, is included to add a little pop of color….choose a birthstone, or choose a favorite color. The 3/4 inch pendant is made out of brushed aluminum & is strung on your choice of chain. Note: You have your choice of pendant finishes. The necklace is pictured with the pendant having the standard brushed finish, but you can also select between two choices of textured finishes as well. Scroll through the pictures to see your options for textured finishes…hammered, or dimpled. BEAD OPTIONS: Option 1: January – Garnet Option 2: February – Amethyst Option 3: March – Aquamarine Option 4: April – Crystal Clear Option 5: May – Emerald Option 6: June – Light Amethyst Option 7: July – Ruby Option 8: August-Peridot Option 9: September-Sapphire Option 10:October – Rose Option 11: November – Topaz Option 12: December – Blue Zircon Option 13: Pearl Option 14: Black Faceted Round Glass Option 15: Pearl – Dark Blue Option 16: Dark Aqua Faceted Round Glass Option 17: Pearl -Turquoise Option 18: Pearl – Mint/Jade Option 19: Lime Green Round Glass – Opaque Option 20: Fuchsia Faceted Round Glass Option 21: Pearl – Coral Option 22: Pink Faceted Round Glass Option 23: Pearl – Pale Pink Option 24: Pearl – Pale Lavender Option 25: Purple Faceted Round Glass Option 26: Pearl – Dark Purple Option 27: Pearl – Maroon Option 28: Red Faceted Round Glass Option 29: Orange Faceted Round Glass Option 30: Yellow Faceted Round Glass – Opaque ◆Want to add an extra accent bead? You can purchase the link below along with the necklace to add an extra accent bead to the bracelet: Scroll through all the photos for answers to commonly asked questions. All photos & designs are the property of Jenn’s Handmade Jewelry. SHIPPING ALERT: INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE TAKING LONGER THAN NORMAL FOR DELIVERY. International customers keep this in mind when purchasing. Your order will still leave my shop right away, but from there, please expect delays. Faith Hope Love Inspiration Necklace – “Faith Hope Love” With An Accent Bead in Your Choice Of Colors – Jenn’s Handmade Jewelry

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