Familia Temporary Tattoo/Family Tattoo Heart Love

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Familia Temporary Tattoo Size: The size of this temporary tattoo is approximately 2 1/2 inches Directions: 1. Cut excess paper around tattoo with scissors to eliminate any unnecessary adhesive on your skin after applying. 2. Peel away the clear plastic layer. 3. Apply the tattoo image side to your skin & cover with a damp cloth for 20 seconds. 4. Carefully peel back paper off of your skin & allow the tattoo to dry for at least 10 seconds. Do not touch it. 5. After allowing for dry time, your tattoo should be smooth to the touch & last between 1-3 days. Temporary Tattoo Longevity: Once you apply the tattoo & it is fully dry, avoid anything rubbing on it & don’t get it wet. If the tattoo gets wet, it will dissolve the protective layer exposing the sticky adhesive underneath. The same thing can occur if you try to adjust the placement or peel the edge after the tattoo is already applied. If you avoid any rubbing & do not get the tattoo wet it can last between 1-3 days. Familia Temporary Tattoo/Family Tattoo Heart Love

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